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Exploration und Mining in Kasachstan

Our activities in Kazakhstan


Since 2013, Monterra has worked with leading geologists to select economically attractive gold, polymetallic and copper deposits in terms of content (reserves and resources), location (infrastructure) and mining costs.


As a result, a license area was acquired on which several gold deposits are identified and explored.


The goal is to set up a production facility. For this purpose, all the necessary steps in acquisition, exploration, evaluation, documentation and planning through to the contracting of partners and geology companies have been and are being carried out.


All measures are in cooperation with nationally or internationally known partners in order to guarantee the optimal implementation of the projects.


Our deposits


The mineral raw material portfolio includes two gold deposits, which are comparable in terms of geology and the degree of exploration, as well as a license area (244 km2). In addition to an explored gold deposit, a copper deposit and a large number of gold and polymetal deposits are discovered.


The gold projects show a high gold content in an international comparison (top 25%). The profitability of the projects benefits from the mining through opencast mining and, in some cases, subsequent underground mining.

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